SHOJI  NISHIO  SENSEI

                                                                        8th Dan Aikikai

                                                                 Dec 1927 - 15 Mar 2005

Started in Aikido at the Hombu Dojo in 1951 and by 1955 was promoted to shihan.   Nishio Sensei worked at the Yokohama Mint for a great many years.  He started during the war, probably while he was still in high school.  

In an Aiki News magazine article, Sensei states that he practiced Karate and Judo very diligently throughout the 1940's.  One day one of his very respected sempai (senior student or sensei) came in and told him "I met a ghost!  You have got to go see this man!"  Shoji did go to see O'Sensei.   Then he says he never returned to Karate, yet there are Karate and Judo elements sprinkled liberally throughout his Aikido. 

Some time in the late 1950's or early 1960's A respected sensei of Karate, Judo and Iaido who ran a (prewar) hotel in Yokohama requested a teacher of Aikido be sent to teach in his Dojo.  This was the Matsuo Dojo which was about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Yokohama train station.   Nishio Sensei taught there until the dojo and hotel were closed in the spring of 1992 to be rebuilt as a modern hotel.  The Matsuo Dojo became famous in the early 1960's because they had national champions in multiple arts Judo, Kendo, Karate and perhaps other arts, for multiple years. 

Every year Sensei would travel to various countries in Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine  around the U.S., Mexico and perhaps, at one time or another, South America as well, maybe Brazil. 

Various Videos of Nishio Sensei These videos are captured from the web.   I did not put these up, I'm only directing you to them.   Some of them are obviously Aiki News or Aikido Journal.  The videos I put up were filmed from my camera.  Nishio Sensei, in the samurai frame of mind, did not seem to be concerned with expansive monetary gain from what he developed.  Perhaps because he was in continual development and improvement, Kaizen.   (What he was doing today, might not be what he would be teaching tomorrow.)  Perhaps he was more concerned with continuing development and disemination of  O'Sensei's art.  By not stipulating limitations, the art and geniuses of O'Sensei and his students gets disseminated faster and farther. 

In the larger frame of things, O'Sensei was developing geniuses and his students are expanding and developing more geniuses. 

Below are some videos I recorded while I was training with Nishio Sensei. 

I have much more video on VHS type tapes.  In order to retrieve them I need to have them converted to digital video.  This costs about $50 per tape.  I currently struggle to keep the doors of the dojo open, so these tapes are not being converted.   If people wishing to see more tapes donate funds then I can start to have the tapes converted.

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