Welcome to a Nishio Style information site posted by Thomas Huffman from Aikido of Gainesville. 

I have much more video on VHS tapes in a safety deposit box.   I don't have a way to run VHS anymore.   These need to be converted to digital, but I don't have the funds available to do this.   It will cost about $50 to convert a 6 hour tape to digital.
If you can donate to this cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

The video on the left is our demonstration for the anime convention called Swampcon 2018.   We were better accepted that year and got to demonstrate in one of the main rooms on a stage. 
On the right, I have uploaded the video from our Swampcon 2019 demonstration at the University of Florida anime convention in March. 

This is the University of Florida annual anime convention called Swampcon. We demonstrated the 15 kata of the last clear video of Nishio Sensei in Denmark. Then we showed the interrelationship of five of the katas showing the Empty Hand, the wooden sword against wooden sword and the wooden sword against walking staff techniques that are easily recognizable as corresponding to the Iaido techniques. We were on a hard, thinly carpeted, concrete floor so Keith McInnis only did minimal falls or rolls. He's not in his 20's or 30's anymore. The URL for the video is;   youtu.be/t0DC0Bz-oyMhttps://youtu.be/t0DC0Bz-oyM

This is a video of Nishio Sensei doing a demonstration for the 11th Annual All Japan Aikido Demonstrations.   The count is now up to around 57, so that would make this probably some time in the 1960's.  The Uke attacking with sword and knife is Nishimoto Sensei.  I think the Uke attacking with the jo is Masuda Sensei.  Wonderful demonstration for the short time period.

We now have a community education class for Bo (long staff) katas going on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.   I'm not necessarily teaching in the normal order this time.   I asked why they are taking the class and responding according to that.  One has difficulty with his back and one is overweight, so instead of starting with number one kata, I taught them the 7th kata which twists the back and front and can really build your back and gut up.  You would need to do it a lot to take the gut off, but it can certainly tone the back and gut muscles which contribute a lot to backaches.   This kata with the twisting movements is good for strengthening  the back and gut muscles.  Brandon has been coming on Wednesday nights and hopefully he can start coming to more Sunday afternoon classes.  I have been teaching him the Nishio Style cause he understands enough to appreciate the intricate movements and the corresponding boken and jo techniques that go with what I teach him each class. 
I think he is really enjoying our classes. 

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